Jay DiLorenzo is a photographer at the Colorado Historical Society. He produced this story in conjunction with “The Italians of Denver” exhibit in 2007.

For more stories produced by the Center for Digital Storytelling and the Colorado Historical Society visit milehighstories.com.

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2 Responses to ““Unscripted””

  1. Julie Anderies Says:

    What an awesome and touching video.

  2. Anne Ripepi Says:

    Lovely! Beautifully shared.
    How about coming to our “Seconda Domenica” event as a guest and meeting some of us? It will be at the church built by the Italians over a century ago, 4 p.m. Sunday August 9th.2009
    The church hall is in the vicinity of 35th and Navaho. (Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church) We are showing the film Rome, OPEN CITY, the story of life and heroes under occupation.

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