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Denver has pulled its ass out of the fire any number of times. Whether it was the flood of 1864 (or 1965), the silver crash of 1893, the great depression, the oil bust of the eighties, or countless other struggles, Denver and the people who live here have reinvented themselves through community, art, and story.

Over the course of the Denver’s sesquicentennial year we will offer up our favorite 150 different expressions of the city, its neighborhoods, people, and culture. All media whether in image, text, or video will be published. Along the way, we’ll be offering up some opportunities for getting together to share some new stories and some whiskey too.

This project evolved from a series of conversations between a group of denverites, including Kenny Be, Julie Byerlein, Patricia Calhoun, Hugh Graham, Jill Hadley Hooper, and Chris Loffelmacher, about how best to celebrate Denver’s anniversary.

The site is edited and published by Jill Hadley Hooper and Hugh Graham; all contents remain the property of the contributors.


Contributors include:

Kim Allen, Denver Photo Archives
Donna Altieri, Altieri Instrument Bags
Bill Amundson, amundart.com
Dennis Bauer
Kenny Be, Worst Case Scenarios
Jennifer Boone
Julie Byerlein
Davis Coombe
Jay Dilorenzo
Mary Lou Egan
Sharon Feder, sfeder.com
Carlos Fresquez
Dennis Gallagher
Hugh Graham, Hugh Graham Creative
Jeffrey Haber
Jim Havey, Havey Productions
Matt Holman, Square 1 Comics
Jill Hadley Hooper, hadleyhooper.com
David Larabee and Dexter Thornton, DoubleButter
Gary Landeck
Eric Lecht
Mona Lucero, Mona Lucero Design
Tom Lundin, modmidmod.com
Barbara Masoner
Rich Moore
Mollie O’brien, mollieobrien.com
Tim Roessler, Wicked Lemons
Kim Shively and Chris Bagley, Eyeosaur
Ray Schelgunov
Kelan Smith
Robert Stencel, University of Denver Astronomy Program
Donna Stephenson
Patrick Stephenson
Bill Stevens, muddyschronicles.net
Charla Stilling
Bill Tall Bull
Michael Thornton
Steve Weil, Rockmount Ranch Wear
Tracy Weil, Weilworks
Daniel Weinshenker, Center for Digital Storytelling
Cliff Whitehouse
Linda Wommack
Ravi Zupa, partsandlaborunion

…and you. We encourage you to find out how to submit your story of Denver.

Special Thanks:

The Western History Department at the Denver Public Library is an invaluable tool for anyone researching Denver’s History.

Contact Information:

Contact us at denver@buckfifty.org

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