Thanks, Highland Style

For the past twenty-four years, Virgil and Rosalinda Aguirre and their family have spent their Thanksgiving offering free meals to the needy people of Denver from their restaurant in the Highland neighborhood at 33rd and Tejon. This year, the family (and their numerous volunteer supporters) will serve over 2,500 meals while offering up more than 40 turkeys, 20 gallons of green chile, and three hundred pounds each of beans and rice.

As this cover from the Rocky Mountain News in 2002 shows, the Aguirre’s have received quite a bit of positive press on their positive community program over the years, but no more than they deserve. Here’s our vote of thanks for Rosalinda’s Restaurant (and for good green chile too).

Preparing Thanksgiving at Rosalindas Mexican Restaurant

Preparing Thanksgiving at Rosalinda's Mexican Restaurant

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