diving in denver

by Jeffrey Haber
Doctor, Diver, Sometime Santa

I moved to Denver from New York looking for a change of scenery. Little did I know that this would involve swimming with fish – sharks and barracudas – while dressed in a Santa suit.

I have always been fascinated by the stories of other people and the narratives that make up their worlds. In my work as a clinical psychologist spending time engaged in these stories with other people is how I spend my professional life. I consider it an honor to be a guest in the world of my clients.

With my nonworking time I am a guest in another world. It is also a privilege to be a scuba diver entering the underwater world inhabited by a remarkable variety of critters large and small. I volunteer at the Downtown Aquarium on Fridays and have the opportunity to feed the fish, scrub the rock, siphon the gravel and do a show for the guests.

In the underwater world we are truly visitors and remarkably clumsy compared to the wildlife we see. I am an avid traveler and have taken scuba diving trips all over the world. When people ask “where do you go to dive in Denver” divers answer “the airport”. But I have a chance to dive in the city at the aquarium. I am a lucky man.

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