Three Dimensional Man

From the creative team at Eyeosaur, this is a segment of Fringe Art of the Front Range featuring artist and collector Jerry Simpson.

This segment is part of a larger film made with a grant from the Mayor’s Office of Art, Culture and Film for the Denver International Airport.

Kim Shively and Chris Bagley of Eyeosaur recently premiered their documentary “Wesley Willis’s Joyrides” at the Denver Film Festival.

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2 Responses to Three Dimensional Man

  1. Lindy Lyman says:

    Hi Jerry *
    Wowee, this is fabuloso. *
    It’s a treasure just like you. *
    Just told Jeremiah we are in the same FaceBook place. *
    So then today this is quite a gift to find. *
    Jeremiah and I are huge Jerry Simpson Fans. *
    This was a great visit to your Studio. *
    Now I need to do a 3D visit – which I’ve been missing. *
    Am having a small art show opening up here tomorrow eve,
    along with Lalania Simone, who is doing a reading and booksigning
    of *The Urban Soul Warrior, Self Mastery In The Midst Of The Metropolis*. *
    It’s at Bizarre Bazaar, a fun community consignment shop and vibrant gathering place.
    It’s just South of Regis University at 4986 Lowell Boulevard, from 7 to 10 PM. *

    All my very best * Lindy L.

  2. Harusami says:

    Love it! I remember the parties at Jerryland.

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