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At, we want a wide range of content for our site. We’re not placing restrictions on topics; as long as it has something to do with Denver or the Denver area, it can be about people, places, your experience, history, art, politics, or whatever interests you. What we are looking for is some sort of point of view, and hopefully some sort of hook that will make it interesting to read, or look at, listen to, or watch.

If your content has already been published on another website, just send over a link to our email address,

Photo, artwork, and cartoon submissions can be emailed to us directly, though really big files might bounce or otherwise not find their way to us for review. If you are submitting images, please include the text that you want to be included, if any (e.g., captions, descriptions, and related stories). As a (potentially preferable) option, you can upload the images to another site (for instance, flickr or photobucket) and then let us know where to find it. The basic content frame on our site is about 700 pixels wide, so that should you a sense of how big your files need to be.

Video and multimedia submissions are probably easiest to deliver by uploading them to another site (youtube, vimeo, google video) , and then emailing us the link. The same basic rules of thumb apply if you’re sending over an audio file, or a flash piece, or whatever… you get the idea.

Text submissions are also welcome, though it might be a good idea to have an image or two to go along with it just to keep it interesting. Don’t send your PhD thesis – this website is intended to support Polonius’ comment in Hamlet: ‘brevity is the soul of wit.’ That’s not to say that we aren’t interested in longer posts, but we’ll probably focus more on shorter form entries.

We are looking for completed entries and would prefer that you don’t send us your ideas for posts – write it, photograph it, draw it, scan it, but finish it before you send it. We are doing this for fun (hopefully, since we’re not getting paid), so whatever you can do to make it easy on us will increase the likelihood that you get your idea published.

We don’t make any promises that your content will be posted, and we do reserve the right to edit it for length, time, and size. We expect that our editorial approach will be quirky at best and downright erratic in lots of cases. Please don’t take it personally if we don’t publish your work, we’re just trying to get through the day without taking too many painkillers.

By submitting content, you authorize us to publish it (we won’t claim any ownership over it, you or whoever created it still own it), and you also assert that you aren’t breaking anybody else’s copyright. If you want, we will provide a link to your website or email address along with your post.

We hope that you’ll provide us with your stories of the city, past, present, or future. Please send your submissions to

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