The Ways Of Barbers

B50 Note: After 60 years of cutting hair at the same location on Colfax, Walt Young hangs up his scissors on September 30th, 2009. You can read more about Walt at 9news and the Denver Post. Walt Young’s digital story was produced by Daniel Weinshenker and the Center for Digital Storytelling in conjunction with the “Imagine A Great City” exhibit at the Colorado Historical Society. More stories from the series are available at the Mile High Stories website.

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2 Responses to “The Ways Of Barbers”

  1. daniel Says:

    i miss uncle already.
    so does my hair,
    or what little of it i have left.

    anyone have a recommendation
    for a social justice-minded barber
    with his father’s shears?

  2. Shannon Ezra Dickey Says:

    The King of Colfax! I have incredibly fond memories of the many years I was fortunate to hang my hat in Walt’s shop, the Upper Cut on E. Colfax. Through the years always the same great conversation & great folks from all over Denver but I especially liked Walt’s way with the Homeless and the street people and the drunks and his painting was top notch (I remember going to his one man show at AUM Gallery). I sure do miss Denver and especially amazing OG residents like Walt Young.

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