waiting for Ray

My long time performance partner Ray Schelgunov moved away a few years ago (we were the Two Significant Guys), so I decided to make a little film about loneliness, temporality, and the ever changing urban landscape. The video was shot at the corner of 12th and Broadway in Denver on August 15th, 2010 at 8 o’clock in the morning with three cameras and some special effects.

You can watch a previous video from this series entitled “Feed The Kids

-Hugh Graham

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5 Responses to “waiting for Ray”

  1. R Schelgunov Says:

    …so clever-everyone loved the way you drove home the pointlessness of just waiting for a recession to end…

  2. Kim Allen Says:

    It takes a rare person to face away from the conventional view…

    Nice work by all of the crew, http://www.buckfifty.org is a treasure for Denver.

    Thanks, Kim

  3. Carmichael Says:

    How… How did you DO that?

  4. admin Says:

    Two iphones, a droid, and a bunch of explosives.

  5. dax Says:

    Well, Hugh I’ve been looking for Ray, myself. Tell the white Russian that Godot is not far behind. About the piece..ephermeral. equates to the short attention span theatre which is the soul of the dumbed & numbed. Brilliant.

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