Pope visits Harkness Heights – enterprising locals see opportunity

—by Rich Moore

Left to right Stephanie Haver (42nd & Julian), Brigid & Lucy Moore (42nd & Irving).
Left to right Stephanie Haver (42nd & Julian), Brigid & Lucy Moore (42nd & Irving)

This photo was taken outside of the Mt. St. Vincent home at 41st & Lowell, on the day the Pope came to visit in August of ’93. The girls were selling Kool-Aid, and a Secret Service agent came by and bought some. She was obviously Secret Service; who else wears long pants and a dark blazer when it’s 90+ outside? She was real sweet to the girls. Other agents were on the rooftop of the home.

I’m guessing there were over 1000 people gathered. We were on Lowell at 42nd, others were on the street along 41st. At one point, all the crowd along Lowell roared with delight as a man in white came out through a side door. Turns out the guy was a kitchen worker emptying a trash bin. He was pleased with the warm reception and waved back.

The Pope did come out the door at some point along 41st, but we never saw him.

B50 Note: Mount St. Vincent’s Children’s Home (originally the Saint Vincent’s Orphan Asylum) was established by Bishop J.P. Machebeuf and the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth in 1882. Located at 4159 Lowell, it was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1902. The historical photo was taken by L.C. McClure, circa 1905. Courtesy of the Denver Public Library Western History Collection, photoswest.org.