Dogs who happen to live in Denver, part 1

— by Hadley Hooper,

Southwest Denver

Petunia, also know as Tootie, Tutu, Scooter. Mutt of a vaguely schnauzerish persuasion. Has no outfits. Can shake and sit but that’s about it. Once she ate a tube of blue glitter, which resulted in what was referred to thereafter as “The Disco Poop.”

River North

Silo is 95 lbs and has his own chaise lounge, a couch and two dedicated dog beds. He has 38 toys, all have been stolen and disposed of by his small Yorkie friend Moose. He is a mix of Bloodhound & Coonhound and can sit, stay and shake. He likes chasing raccoons and eating cucumbers whole from the garden. He was named Silo because his person likes barns.


Brodie is a Great Pyrenees and Golden Retriever mutt. His favorite toy is a big red ball that he puts his front paws on so he can roll it around like a circus elephant. Once, on a backpacking trip, a friend of a friend asked what Brodie’s person was planning to do with his head when he died. The man then explained he did taxidermy and thought Brodie had the most beautifully shaped skull he’d seen on a dog. Brodie slept very close to his person that trip. They never saw that guy again.

B-50 note: these spots were created for; send us a note if you’d like your pup featured and we’ll send back our dog quiz and specs. More coming soon!

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2 Responses to Dogs who happen to live in Denver, part 1

  1. Dianna says:

    these illustrations are awesome! i printed mine out. :)

  2. Bill Zuercher says:

    Love the puppy art and bio information.

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