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Denver Block 074: 14th and Lawrence a Century Ago

— by Kelan Smith In 2008, as I watched an immense hole being dug for the new Four Seasons Hotel at 14th and Lawrence, evidence of former structures and their foundations were slowly revealed to absolutely no acknowledgment. I had … Continue reading

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St. John’s Church in the Wilderness

— by Donna Altieri Driving up 14th Avenue, you pass St. John’s Cathedral. You might have noticed it on your way to the Botanic Gardens, or seen its towers while waiting in line at the Fillmore. Maybe you are one … Continue reading

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Denver’s Great Telescopes (19th and 21st Century)

— by Robert Stencel Small telescopes have been part of Denver history since our origins. Witness the fine brass refractor on display in the parlor of the Byers-Evans house downtown. With the rejuvenation of the University of Denver in 1880, … Continue reading

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Three Short Stories about my Irish Family

— by Dennis Gallagher Story One: William J. Gallagher, Sr. My Grandfather, William Gallagher, came to America from his native Ireland in the early 1900’s. He was born in William Butler Yeats’s country, County Sligo. When he arrived on the … Continue reading

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Celebrity Sports Center, 1960–1994

B50 Note: Everything you ever wanted to know about Celebrity Sports Center. No, really. This article was originally published in Colorado Heritage magazine in Autumn 2007. Reprinted with permission of the Author. Images courtesy of Spares and Splashes: Walt … Continue reading

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